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High Temperature Ceramic

Unique inorganic formulations for bonding, potting and sealing ceramics, metals, graphite, quartz, semiconductors, textiles and composite materials with working temperatures to 3200°F ./ 1760°C.


Ceramic & graphite, ceramic-metallic, electrically conductive, epoxies, inorganic binders, mounting adhesives, thermally conductive, thermal greases and thermal tapes.



  • Electrical Halogen Lamps, Heaters, Igniters, Fiberoptics, Resistors, Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
  • Instruments & Sensors Gas Chromatographs, High Vacuum Components, Liquid Metal Inclusion Counters, Mass Spectrometers, Oxygen Analyzers, Strain Gauges, Semiconductors, Temperature Probes
  • Mechanical Ceramic Honeycombs, Ceramic Textiles, Graphite Blocks, Refractory Insulation, Sagger Plates, Thread-Locking


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