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PI-KEM Specialist Suppliers of Advanced Materials - Associations

As new members of the Birmingham and Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce, we are delighted to be joining a professional body that’s dedicated to protecting and promoting businesses.

We feel privileged to be part of such an expansive organisation that owes its roots right back to the Middle Ages when merchants formed groups in support of mutual business goals. Yet remaining stuck in the dark ages couldn’t be further from where the chamber is today. The group represents everything that we value so highly in business, including being firmly invested in the community, following best business practices and putting our customers’ needs first.

Joining the group also offers us the opportunity to connect with other businesses, whilst also benefitting from the vast business resources and wealth of experience that the chamber has to offer. We look forward to being active members of this professional organisation, which so aptly corresponds with PI-KEMs ethos and growing business needs.


Enjoy some of the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce statistics:

2700 members… who employ 175,000 staff… supported by almost 100 GBCC staff… who have been in business, for business for over 200 years!

Facebook – over 2800 likes

Linkedin - over 5000 connections

Twitter – over 60,000 followers

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