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Battery Research Materials & Consumables

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PI-KEM supply a range of battery research materials, consumables and equipment on behalf of MTI Corp, USA.

Our battery range is suitable to assist you in reaching your research goals as it does for our customers in a variety of research institutes and universities globally.

We provide a full range of materials and consumables for battery research and development including:

  • Battery Analysers and Testing Systems
  • Preparation – Tube Furnaces suitable for the growth of 2D Materials and Graphene
  • Film and Dip Coaters
  • Production – Crimping and Disassembling Machines
  • Handling & Storage – Glove Boxes and Vacuum Dry Ovens
  • Cell Cases – Pouch, Button and Cylinder
  • Electrode Sheets and Tabs – Al and Cu Foils. Plain or Coated.
  • Electrode and Conductive Powders, Binders – Li4Ti5O12, LiCoO2, LiMn2O4 and PVDF
  • Lithium Chips and Foil
  • Graphene – Perfect for the latest research in energy storage
  • Replacement Parts



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