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Coin / Button Battery Production

MTI CorporationWe distribute on behalf of MTI Corporation, a leading manufacturer in next-generation advanced energy storage equipment. As European distributor, we will quote on anything within the MTI Corp range - simply find the product you are looking for on their website and click on the above 'Request Quote' button or call one of our Technical Sales Executives on +44 (0) 1827 259250


Please review our equipment range for producing and testing of Coin / Button Battery Cells:

Coin Cell Case Crimpers: e.g. Digital Pressure Controlled Electric,

Hydraulic, Compact & Fast Gas Driven, De-crimpers for disassembling

 Coin Cell Case Crimpers

Disc Cutters: e.g Manual, Compact Precision, Hand-held,

Cutting Dies, Pneumatic

MTI Battery Disc Cutter

Split Test Cell: e.g Three-electrode Split Test Cells,

Quartz Windows for In-Situ Raman Analysis,

Beryllium Window for In-Situ XRD Analysis, PEEK,

Pressure Controlled, 8-Channel

MTI Split Test Cell

Testing Boards: e.g. Multiple Channel, Thermal Chambers,

Portable Testers, Connection Cables

Battery Analyser

Consumables, Chemicals & Materials:

Coin / Button Cell Cases e.g. CR2032, CR2016, CR2025, AG3

Materials: e.g. Copper Foil, Aluminium Foil,

Plain or Coated, Lithium Discs

Battery Electrolyte Powders: e.g. LiFePO4, LiMn2O4, LiCoO2, Graphite

Lithium Li Discs Chips


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