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Thin Film Coating

PI-KEM can provide a range of different film coaters and tape casting solutions to meet your research needs.

These include:

  • Spin Coaters
  • Dip Coaters
  • Tape Casting Machines


Spin Coater Spin Coater Spin Coater


We can provide dip coaters and tape casting machine on behalf of MTI Corp. USA.

Dip coaters with nano to milli-meter control. We can also supply dip coaters equipped with an oven, up to 800C for coating in a heated environment. See the full range here

Our tape casting machines can coat foils up to 800mm in length. The tape casting machines have a range of options, including vacuum beds, cover heaters and roll-to-roll coaters.

Film casting knifes in width up to 250mm are available. For full details please click here. Adjustable width, and double blade versions are available.

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