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We offer a range of furnaces on behalf of MTI Corp, USA.


Supplying to the UK and across Europe.

We are also able to offer accessories, sundries and replacement parts.

Contact one of our experts, who can help you with your furnace requirements.

Tube Furnaces
  • Solid and split tube models

  • A range of sizes up to 11″,

  • Maximum temperature 2000°C

  • A large range of single and multi-zone options

  • Alumina, quartz, graphite and super-alloy tubes options – depending on use

Furnaces for RTP and CVD processing, Graphene growth and Hydrogen gas applications are available, with safety detectors and cut off valves.

CVD systems are available with multi-channel gas control systems and vacuum stations. These allow a range of different carrier gases to be used during processing.

Muffle Furnaces
  • In sizes up to 24″x24″x24″

  • Maximum temperature 1800°C

Crucible Furnaces
  • With temperature range up to 1600°C

Bench Top Induction Melters

  • With vacuum option available

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