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Graphene Devices & Services

PI-KEM offer a range of specialist graphene devices and services from Graphenea, a world leading graphene producer.

Access to wafer-scale graphene of a consistent high quality and ability to integrate graphene devices with existing technological processes are key pillars for implementing graphene photonics in practice, therefore the below G-FET & G-FAB products and services are available to assist development:

G-FET Devices for Sensing Applications


The G-FET-S10 chip provides 36 graphene devices distributed in a grid pattern on the chip. Thirty devices have a Hall-bar geometry and six have a 2-probe geometry. The Hall-bar devices can be used for Hall-bar measurements as well as 4-probe and 2-probe devices.






The G-FET-S20 chip provides 36 graphene devices distributed in four quadrants with the devices in the centre of the chip and the probe pads located near the periphery of the chip. All devices are of a 2-probe device geometry. It is arranged to allow the application of a liquid drop on top of the graphene devices without covering the pads to either conduct a measurement in a liquid environment or to functionalize the devices using a liquid medium.



G-FET Specifications:

36 devices per chip, all 2-probe geometry or combination of 2-probe and hall bar geometry.

· Growth method: CVD synthesis

· Chip dimensions: 10 mm x 10 mm

· Chip thickness: 675 μm

· Number of GFETs per chip: 36

· Gate oxide thickness: 90 nm

· Gate oxide material: SiO2

· Resistivity of substrate: 1-10 Ω.cm

· Metallization: Nickel/Aluminium 140 nm

· Graphene field-effect mobility: >1000 cm2/V.s

· Residual charge carrier density: <2 x 1012 cm-2

· Maximum gate-source voltage: ± 50 V

· Maximum temperature rating: 150 °C

· Maximum drain-source current density 107A.cm-2


G-FAB - Graphene Foundry Services

The Graphene Foundry, or G-FAB service provides buyers with the ability to order completely bespoke graphene circuits printed to their own specifications on wafers of up to 6”. This breakthrough service creates a huge opportunity for researchers to obtain the materials they need, enabling fast device prototyping and accelerating the development of new applications, with no minimum batch size.

  • Wafers up to 6" diameter for fast device prototyping
  • Ni/Al edge contacts
  • Minimum feature 5µm, mask alignment accuracy ±3µm

For further details or a quote on any of the above graphene products or services, please click here to contact one of our Technical Sales Executives.




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