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We are pleased to offer high quality Graphene materials for your research needs. As distributors for leading international Graphene producers Advanced Graphene Products we are ideally placed to support your project.

High Strength Metallurgical Graphene® is a large-area polycrystalline graphene sheet, manufactured with a metallurgical method based on graphene liquid phase growth. HSMG® is crystallized on a liquid metal surface which allows each graphene particle to rotate and rearrange until fitting perfectly into the crystallizing graphene sheet.


  • Much stronger and more durable than CVD graphene
  • Can be produced in large quantities
  • Much shorter production time
  • Available in large variety of sizes from 10 x 10mm up to 200 x 90mm
  • Semiconductive qualities

Designed by researchers from Lodz University’s department of Materials Science and Engineering which , alongside APG, has been developed into a highly efficient production process.

Production Method

A unique method of growing graphene on a liquid metal matrix;

Based on formation of graphene on liquid metal allowing each graphene particle to rotate and rearrange until fitting perfectly into the crystallizing graphene sheet.

Additionally, this method provides a zone cleaning effect (e.g. pushing the contaminations outside of graphene flakes) which eliminates impurities.


  • Grown on liquid metal matrix
  • Monocrystalline flakes up to 1 mm
  • In tensile tests elongation 100 %
  • Single and multilayer sheets of any size
  • Very high coverage and continuity (min 95 %)
  • Easily transferable onto various substrates
  • Stability without a substrate
  • Stable negative thermal coefficient of electroconductivity
  • Stable mechanical and physical properties under thermal fatigue conditions


Standard Substrate Materials:

  • SiO2/Si
  • PMMA
  • Glass
  • Custom manufacture available for customer specified substrates

Examples of successful transference includes, but not limited to:

  • Mylar
  • AI203
  • Polyimide film
  • PDMS film
  • PET film

Monolayer Specification

  • Dimensions [in mm] 10mmx10mm to 200mmx90mm
  • Growth method From liquid metal
  • Quality control Raman and SEM
  • Appearance (colour) Transparent
  • Optical transmittance at 550nm: >97%
  • Form: Graphene sheet on PMMA
  • Coverage: >95%
  • Number of Graphene layers: 1
  • Thickness (theoretical): ~0.345 nm
  • Average sheet resistance: >870Ohm/sq (for 50x50mm sheet)
  • Hall effect mobility: 100-450cm2 /V*s [transfered to polyimide-Kapton®] (4,4'-oxydiphenylene-pyromellitimide)
  • Grain size: Up to 1 mm
  • Substrate: PMMA
  • Available transfer to: glass, Si, SiO2, custom substrate

Multilayer Specification

  • Customer specified number of layers
  • Made by positioning consecutive layers on top of the previous one



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