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Aremco Crystalbond™ 555-HMP Mounting Stick

Crystalbond™ 555-HMP Mid-range melting point of 150 ºF (66 ºC)

Use 555-HMP for low stress machining processes, dry plasma etching or silicon wafers, de-paneling copper plated Teflon boards, and dicing ceramic green tape. Transparent in thin cross-sections and soluble in hot water. 

Quantity: One stick (rectangular bar ⅝” × 1” × 7”)

Typical Applications:

  • Machining advanced ceramics
  • Lapping and polishing optical components
  • Dicing ceramic substrates
  • Dicing semiconductor wafers
  • Dicing ferrites, glasses and piezoelectrics
  • Dicing metal and optical single crystals
  • Mounting cross-sections for SEM
  • Backfilling components for support
  • Dry plasma etching.

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Product Code: AREMT-CRYS-0001W

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