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Sputtering Target Bonding Service

When your application requires your sputtering target to be bonded to a strong compatible backing plate.

The thermal and mechanical integrity of the bond between a sputtering target and its backing plate are essential to ensure optimum sputtering performance.

Physical properties of the target and backing plate and their typical operating temperatures must be considered when selecting the bonding material and process


Sputtering target backing plate cleaning and resurfacing for superior adhesion

·100% target-backing plate alignment for proper fit of the cathode

·Sputtering target stocking programs for quick turnaround on rebonded targets

·Superior bond processes and analytic imaging for virtually void-free sputtering target bonds


Avoids damage to targets through inadequate cooling

Prolongs working life of target over a non bonded target

Potential to achieve faster sputtering rates when using high power input

Consistently repeat thin film process parameters

Target depth can be reduced to half when bonded and thinner targets cool more efficiently

Following a target crack, bonded targets can continued to be used usally, where as typically an un bonded target cannot.

Bonding Options



has the best thermal conductivity of all available bonds

the most efficient at drawing heat away from the target.

also more malleable than other bonding solders and therefore it is more forgiving. The softer solder allows some "give" when the target expands at a different rate than the backing plate.

reduces cracking that is caused by mismatch in the thermal expansion coefficients of the target and backing plate.

Indium has a melting point of 156.6°C so temperatures in excess of 150°C will cause the bond to melt and fail. Most materials can be indium bonded but there are a few exceptions


Has higher temperature capability over indium bond.

Recommended when customers consistently melt indium bonds.

Idea for low melting point target materials, temperature sensitive compounds, low density or fragile targets

Easy on the target bonding process perfomed at at low temperatures between 50°C and 100°C

elastomer bond is UHV compatible and has a NASA "A" rating

means that it undergoes less than a 1% total mass change at 150°C at 1 x 10-7Torr for 24 hours.

does not absorb any moisture and is more than suitable to handle cycles between vacuum and atmosphere.


Backing Plates







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Backing plate refurbishment

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