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Substrate & Wafer Storage

We offer a range of storage and handling solutions, allowing you to keep your materials in prime condition.

We supply a range of storage products for Wafers and Substrates which are ideal for prevention of damage and contamination during shipping, storage and handling.

Available in quantities to meet your research needs and budget we offer small to larger pack sizes and order levels, with many items available to order online for quick despatch.



  • Vacuum pens, available with anti-static electricity
  • High precision tweezers
  • Micro fibre and dust free wipes
  • Silicon wafer washing carrier, holding up to 25 wafers - in sizes 2", 3" and 4" diameter
  • Vacuum desiccator with manual pump








Individual Wafer Carriers

Each carrier consists of base, lid and retainer spring.  Base has concave profile so that only the extreme edge of the wafer is in contact with the carrier.


1”, 2”, 3”, 4” and 6”

Multi Wafer Storage Boxes

Each box can hold up to 25 wafers.  Lid and box have moulded supports so minimal contact is made with the wafer whilst keeping each wafer secure.


2”, 3” and 4”

Gel-Sticky Boxes

Designed to protect delicate components by a sticky carrier gel layer.  Components or devices are held securely on surface once in contact with the gel layer. The components can be taken off by tweezers or by hand.

2”, 3” and 4”

Membrane Boxes

High-elastic film designed for packing fragile components with irregular shape or rods.  The component is pressed tightly by two layers of high-elastic film and suspended in the middle of the carrier, preventing fragile components from damage. Can be used for various optoelectronic components.

1”, 2”, 3”, 4” and 5”

Plastic Foam Module Boxes

This packing is designed to protect delicate parts.  Used in many fields like optical materials, optoelectronic components, semiconductor, and optical communication.  Consists of three cushions, the middle cushion can be customised to a specific shape.

3” and 4” single or multiple wafers

Die / IC Trays

This system provides a safe and convenient packing and delivery solution for bare die, CSP, optoelectronics and other microelectronic devices.  Trays, lids and clamps for single and multiple layers available.

9 – 1600 pockets

Smart Carrying Box for Rods

Innovative packing box designed for protecting and carrying laser rods or devices of rod shape.  Two silicone support seats in the base of the box hold the rods.

Diameter from 3–8mm and up to 160mm (L)

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