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April 11, 2024
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Sam Barwell
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We’re dedicated to improving our environmental footprint and working towards Net Zero, from installing EV charging points on our premises to fitting infra-red heating panels in the offices, and today we’re excited to introduce our latest sustainable addition: recyclable* tape on our packaging!

We believe that every small change adds up to make a big difference, and recyclable tape is one such change that can have a positive impact on the environment as we move away from single-use plastic.

And just because it’s recyclable, doesn’t mean it’s less effective! Our new tape is reinforced with mono-weave glass fibre filaments for extra security and strength in order to maintain the same high quality standards that you expect from us.

Made with FSC-certified paper, sourced from responsibly managed forests, we’re not only happy with its green credentials – we think it looks great too!

Look out for our new branded tape which will soon be arriving on your paper-based packages from us.

*Tape is recyclable when attached to the cardboard box.