Hydrogen Technology

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Hydrogen technology provides the opportunity to decarbonise a range of sectors, including transportation, power generation, and industry. It can also be used to store and transport renewable energy from areas of abundance to areas of need, contributing to environmentally conscious energy routes. 

PI-KEM recognises that hydrogen technology plays a key role in the transition to a more sustainable and greener energy landscape and accelerating the global journey to net-zero emissions. We are proud to play a key role in this by supporting our customers in the development and commercialisation of new hydrogen technologies. Our multidisciplinary business development team supports customers throughout the selection process and post-purchase advice.

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  • Overview

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    PI-KEM offers a broad range of products for hydrogen technology research and development:

    • SOFC and SOEC materials: Precious metals, electrodes and electrolyte powders, Green Nickel Oxide, sputter targets, evaporation materials and ceramic parts and membranes 
    • SOFC and SOEC equipment:  From individual pieces of equipment to full set up fuel cell lines, including electrolysers, coaters, analysers, ionographs for ionic contamination analysis and safety testers
    • Ultrasonic Coaters:  Allowing precision coating preparation for fuel cells
    • Aremco:  Range of high temperature, ceramic adhesives, and coatings
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