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January 10, 2024
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Our customer, a worldwide company that manufactures products for multiple markets, including healthcare, packaging, smartphones, computers, automotive and home appliances

PI-KEM was contacted for technical support after their SCS Ionograph® control PC had been contaminated with a virus.  They had no back up of the system or software from the original installation, leaving them without a functioning SCS Ionograph®.

The SCS Ionograph® dynamically tests for ionic contamination, a widely recognised and followed standard. The SCS Ionograph® are the industry standard in testing technology. As UK and European distributor, PI-KEM supports customers with their initial purchase and ongoing consumables needs, also providing technical support when needed.

After the initial report of the infected PC, the customer replaced the PC with another, which meant PI-KEM had to start the setup of the software from the beginning. When setting up the software which runs the SCS Ionograph® there are several Windows settings which need to be changed to allow it to work correctly, this required PI-KEM to provide technical support to the customer. We had to identify the original software version the SCS Ionograph® had operated with and share a new installation wizard with the customer. Then we had to amend the windows settings, including the installation of a .Net Framework, and English language pack to ensure the wizard installed correctly. We then had to navigate the customer’s network security settings to finally complete the installation of the software and connection to the SCS Ionograph® itself.

This could have been a frustrating situation for the customer. Not having a backup or original installation files would present several hurdles and a complex technical challenge to recover the functionality of the SCS Ionograph®.  We were pleased to be able to support and quickly get their manufacturing back up and running

Contacting PI-KEM allowed the customer to receive quick and effective technical support to resolve their issue. PI-KEM was able to liaise between the manufacturer and the customer combining our expertise in assisting this European customer as well as calling upon the experience and knowledge of the manufacturer’s engineers in the US as well as our own experience with the instruments. This allowed the customer to get their SCS Ionograph® back up and running with minimal costs and lost time.

It's important to note that the specific approach and solutions provided will depend on various factors, including the type and extent of the problem. If you have any queries relating to your SCS Ionograph® or any other supplied equipment, contact PI-KEM’s team at