Applied Sapphire

A leading manufacturer of high-tech sapphire focused, ceramic products for a wide range of industries and applications within the semiconductor industry. Offers both standard and custom products.

About Us

We are Applied Sapphire...Our team strives to come up with the most creative ideas to accommodate your specifications and applications with the best prices to fit your budgets.

Applied Sapphire Ltd was established in 2002, and has a vast knowledge and experience in the production of sapphire products. The company owns a novel and unique technology for sapphire growth and finishing, enabling fabrication of standard and special products with an impressive cost effectiveness for use in a wide spectrum of high-tech applications. Sapphire products from our company are utilised in a wide spectrum of high-tech applications.

While focusing on sapphire, we also produce and process Alumina, Quartz, Boron Nitride and other hard ceramics and composite materials.

"With 30 years of experience in the ceramics manufacturing for the semiconductor industry, we are committed to the quality of our products and customer’s satisfaction assurance. Our expertise is in supplying the most creative solutions to our customer’s needs and specifications"
"Applied Sapphire’s motto is coming to a mutual understanding and best fitted outcome, no matter how complex the challenge may seem"
PI-KEM have been a close partner of ours for 20 years and counting, first with Ian Rouse and then with Colin Rouse in the lead. The Rouse family have successfully built a strong and cooperative team around them, who are more than a company - they are family.
We enjoy working with each one of the PI-KEM team, and hope for many more years of such pleasant and fruitful cooperation.
Thank you PI-KEM!

Dr. Michael Zusman

CEO, Applied Sapphire

PI-KEM are the UK & European Distributor for Applied Sapphire

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