A nanotech-based manufacturing company focused on the development, and commercialisation of advanced materials, with a focus on graphene based nanocomposites.

About us

Gnanomat manufactures and supplies highly performing, eco-friendly and sustainable products, for many industries, with a particular emphasis in Energy Storage. Our aim is to provide innovative, sustainable, and scaled solutions to different industrial sectors. The company`s proprietary technology and disruptive platform, led us to the generation of a new family of versatile nanocomposites based on graphene and other forms of carbon, combined with metals and metal oxide nanoparticles. Our pilot plant has been designed to move our developments to industrial scale.

Gnanomat offers a commercial portfolio of advanced materials and is actively collaborating with partners from different industries, to bring advanced materials to the industrial market, through the development and integration of products in innovative solutions.

Gnanomat has a team of nanomaterial specialists and experienced project engineers who have the expertise to deliver effective solutions. Our multidisciplinary team have extensive experience in product and business development in different sectors. They collaborate with our partners creating projects to provide ad-hoc solutions to customer issues. In these collaborations our partners set up an industrial challenges and Gnanomat provide and design ad-hoc nanomaterials to address this challenge. We provide and design specific nanomaterials, set up the tests and trials in industrial devices and agree manufacturing schedules.

Gnanomat has been awarded and partnered in different projects with universities, tech centres and industrial companies.

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PI-KEM is proud to work with such an innovation focussed company.

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