Anode Baskets & Bags

For smooth, defect free metal finishing and plating
PI-KEM & PI-KEM Hart supply titanium anode baskets & bags for electroforming & electroforming, containing the nickel pellets & plating chips & avoiding contamination

Anode materials supplied by PI-KEM and PI-KEM Hart, such as Vale ‘S’ Nickel Pellet, Vale ‘P’ Nickel Pellet and Vale Nickel plating chips, must be contained within anode bags and then placed in titanium mesh anode baskets to prevent contamination.

These baskets are suspended in the process tank where current can be fed through the anode rails. It is vital that these nickel pieces are enclosed effectively within anode bags for electroplating and electroforming as they filter out any small particles helping to produce smooth, defect-free surfaces.

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