Nickel Electroforming Materials

A versatile solution for challenging applications
PI-KEM Hart supply electrolyte nickel sulphamate, boric acid, sulphamic acid, anode materials, vale nickel pellets, chips & wetting agents for nickel electroforming

Nickel electroforming uses similar technology to nickel electroplating. However, as all electroforms are extremely demanding in terms of process control during production, and the properties needed after depositing vary, the selection of appropriate materials is essential.

Electrolyte (The solution in which the electroforming takes place)

  • Nickel Sulphamate Solution

Other chemicals

  • Boric Acid
  • Sulphamic Acid

Anode Materials (The electrode that dissolves during electroforming to release the nickel ions)

  • Vale ‘S’ Nickel Pellets
  • Vale ‘P’ Nickel Pellets
  • Vale Nickel Plating Chips

Solution Additives (control the properties of the nickel deposit e.g., hardness, brightness, and ductility)

  • Wetting agents

Top image courtesy of Vale Material Specification sheet. Click here to read

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