Aremco High Temperature Materials

High Temperature Solutions for Demanding Applications
Aremco high temperature materials, supplied by PI-KEM, include technical ceramics, adhesives, sealants, & potting compounds for applications up to 3200 ºF (1760 ºC)

Aremco is a leading manufacturer of high temperature materials, including technical ceramics, adhesives, sealants, and potting compounds for industrial applications of up to 3200 ºF (1760 ºC).

Aremco products are used in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, chemical processing, metallurgical, power generation, and semiconductor.

Aremco's high temperature materials are known for their exceptional performance in demanding environments. They are resistant to high temperatures, extreme pressure, chemical attack, and wear and tear. Aremco materials are also used to create high purity environments and to protect sensitive components from contamination.

Some of the most popular Aremco high temperature materials include:

  • High temperature coatings: Aremco's high temperature coatings can be used to protect a variety of substrates from extreme heat, corrosion, and other harsh environments. Some of the most popular Aremco coatings include black-body coatings, refractory coatings, and thermal spray sealants.
  • High temperature adhesives: Aremco's high temperature adhesives are designed to bond a variety of materials, including metals, ceramics, and glass, in high temperature environments. Some of the most popular Aremco adhesives include epoxy adhesives, ceramic adhesives, and silicone adhesives.
  • High temperature sealants: Aremco's high temperature sealants are used to seal joints and gaps in high temperature applications. Some of the most popular Aremco sealants include ceramic sealants, epoxy sealants, and silicone sealants.
  • Potting and casting compounds: Aremco's potting compounds are used to encapsulate and protect electrical and electronic components from high temperatures, moisture, and vibration. Some of the most popular Aremco potting compounds include ceramic potting compounds, epoxy potting compounds, and silicone potting compounds.

Aremco's high temperature materials are known for their high quality, reliability, and performance.

PI-KEM is proud to be distributor for Aremco

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