Nickel-Coated Graphite

For enhanced electrical and thermal conductivity
PI-KEM & PI-KEM Hart offer two standard grades of nickel-coated graphite; 60% & 75% Ni weight for EM shielding, conductive fillers, electrocatalysis & energy storage

Nickel-coated graphite is manufactured by encapsulating graphite particles with nickel, producing a coating of high purity nickel and, most importantly, consistently achieves excellent coverage of the graphite substrate.

This is a highly versatile material used in applications including:

  • Electromagnetic shielding: Nickel-coated graphite is an effective electromagnetic shielding material, used in products such as electronic devices, aircraft, and military equipment
  • Conductive fillers: Nickel-coated graphite is used as a conductive filler in polymer composites, improving their electrical conductivity and shielding effectiveness
  • Self-lubricating materials: Nickel-coated graphite is used as a self-lubricating material in bearings, gears, and other mechanical components
  • Electrocatalysis: Nickel-coated graphite is used as an electrocatalyst in fuel cells and other electrochemical devices
  • Energy Storage: Within high-performance lithium and sodium-ion batteries, supercapacitors, flow batteries and thermal energy storage

PI-KEM and PI-KEM Hart offer two standard grades of nickel-coated graphite:

  • 60% nickel weight
  • 75% nickel weight

Customised variations can be manufactured for specific requirements.

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