Ultrasonic Coaters

Precise, efficient application for a uniform coating
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Ultrasonic coaters use ultrasonic vibrations to atomise a liquid coating material into a fine mist, which is then sprayed onto a substrate. This process can be used to apply a wide variety of coatings, including paints, inks, adhesives, and sealants. Ultrasonic coaters are particularly well-suited for applying thin, uniform coatings, and they are often used in manufacturing processes where high precision is required.

Benefits of ultrasonic coating include:

  • Uniformity of coating thickness
  • Controlled thickness
  • High adhesion
  • Low material waste
  • Consistent coating morphology
  • Low energy consumption

PI-KEM offers ultrasonic coaters, suited to both research and commercial applications, on behalf of Cheersonic and MTI.

  • Cheersonic Coaters

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    Cheersonic benchtop ultrasonic coaters are designed to quickly apply uniform, consistent, and quick-drying coatings. The systems are easy to use, have a high material usage ratio, and can be used to deposit films in the thickness range of 100nm-100μm. They also offer larger equipment more suited for higher production volume and larger substrates.

    • Benchtop
    • For R&D and low-volume production
    • 3-axis, programmable coating system (Up to 10,000 sets)
    • Coating uniformity of +/- 2%
    • Maximum spraying area:  200mm x 200mm to 400mm x 400mm
    • Spray patterns adjustable by using interchangeable nozzles (1mm to 80mm)
    • Glove box compatible
    • Self-cleaning nozzle
    • Continuous or intermittent spraying
    • Hot plate or hot plate and vacuum options
    • Optional camera

    Also available:

    • Medium and large coaters
    • A range of ultrasonic coaters for specialist biomedical applications
    • Specialist coaters for thin film coating and spray pyrolysis for the applications including manufacture of fuel cells, thin film solar cells and microelectronics

    Click here for detailed Cheersonic product information

  • MTI Coaters

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    MTI ultrasonic spray pyrolysis (USP or Mist CVD) coaters are designed to enable thin films to be deposited by spraying a solution on to a heated surface, or through a flame, causing a chemical reaction to take place and a new compound to be formed. This is particularly used in the application of transparent electrical conductors to glass and to prepare perovskite solar cells.

    • Benchtop or floor standing
    • For R&D up to medium volume pilot line
    • 2-axis, programmable coating system
    • Single or multi spray heads, ultrasonic or compressive air spray to adjust film thickness
    • Maximum spraying area: 150mm x 150mm to 600mm x 300mm (plates, wafers, and tubes)
    • Max temperature: 70°C to 500°C
    • Glove box compatible
    • Standard or high throughput
    • Hot plate or hot plate and vacuum options
    • Optional camera
    • Optional slurry spray nozzle

    Also available:

    • Roll to roll ultrasonic spray pyrolysis coating system
    • Ultrasonic spin-spray coaters (up to 18”); 1 to 3 nozzles; Heater and fume hood optional
    • Components to construct own coater

    Click here for detailed MTI product information

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