Manufacturer of ultrasonic coaters for spray coating applications including microelectronics, semiconductors, thin films. Ideal for R&D or low volume production.

About Us

Cheersonic is the leading developer and manufacturer of ultrasonic coating systems for applying precise, thin film coatings to protect, strengthen or smooth surfaces on parts and components. Used within the microelectronics/electronics, alternative energy, medical and industrial markets, including specialized glass applications in construction and automotive.

Cheersonic’s solutions are environmentally-friendly, efficient and highly reliable. The results of the coatings show dramatic reductions in overspray, savings in raw material, water and energy usage, providing improved process repeatability, transfer efficiency, high uniformity and reduced emissions.

"We find great joy in collaborating with PI-KEM Company due to their unwavering commitment to excellence, innovative solutions, and a shared dedication to achieving mutual success. The seamless synergy in our partnership has not only elevated our  projects but also fostered a collaborative environment that thrives on efficiency and ingenuity. Working with PI-KEM is not just a business collaboration; it's a rewarding experience that reflects shared values  and a shared vision for progress"

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