Mixing & Milling

From macro to micro; For optimal material preparation
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Laboratory mills and mixers are essential tools for a wide variety of applications in material science research, quality control, and industrial production.

They are used for a variety of tasks, including:

  • Particle size reduction: Fine powders for applications including battery production and catalysts
  • Homogenisation: Creating uniform mixtures
  • Sample preparation: For example, XRD samples
  • Material synthesis: For example, mechanical alloying

The choice of laboratory mill or mixer will depend on the specific application. Factors to consider include the type of material, the desired particle size, and the throughput required.

Laboratory Mills: Used to grind materials into smaller particles. Typically used to prepare samples for analysis or to produce powders for further processing. Types include ball, attritor, and roller mills.

Laboratory Mixers: Used to combine and blend materials together. Typically used to prepare homogeneous samples for analysis, mixtures for further processing, or to coat particles with a thin layer of another material. Types include laboratory mixers, planetary mixers, ribbon mixers, and sigma mixers.

PI-KEM is a distributor of mixers, mills, and accessories on behalf of MTI, a leading manufacturer of lab equipment. MTI offers a wide range of mills and mixers for a variety of applications, including:

  • Grinding and milling: MTI offers a variety of ball mills, planetary mills, and attritors for grinding and milling a wide range of materials
  • Mixing and blending: MTI offers a variety of mixers for mixing and blending powders, liquids, and slurries
  • Dispersing and homogenising: MTI offers a variety of dispersers and homogenizers for dispersing and homogenising nanoparticles and other materials
  • Crushers & Grinders

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    • Mortars and Pestles: Stainless steel, agate, manual or automated
    • Dry crushers: Swing type mechanism for crushing samples or mixing dry powder and high viscosity slurry
    • Disc crushers: Crushing and grinding to prepare samples for finer milling
    • Sieving systems: Manual, vibrating or ultrasonic. Automatic, adjustable vibration to avoid clogging
    • Jaw crusher: Ceramic blades to avoid metallic contamination

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  • Ball Mills

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    • Grinding Mills: Desktop with mortar or crushing plates
    • Vibration: Single or multi-jar in stainless steel, tungsten carbide, corundum, nylon, plastic. Available as vortex, ultrasonic and high energy options
    • Planetary: Programmable or manual with milling jars or up to 40 litre capacity tank. Available as Standard or high throughput
    • Roller: Utilises tubes or tanks in a rotating or rolling motion. Available in open or airtight options
    • Rotator: Utilises tubes or tank (up to 5 litre). Water cooling options available
    • Jet: High efficiency and glovebox compatible. Utilises cyclonic separation for continuous operation
    • Cryogenic & High Temperature: Standard or high throughput models. Available as vibration, rotary, impact options

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  • Wet Mixers

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    • Available as vibration, planetary, roller options
    • With or without vacuum
    • From single tube to 60 litre capacity
    • Optional water chiller

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  • Dry Powder Mixers

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    • Available as V-shaped ball mill, dry crusher, planetary and blade crusher
    • High speed and high throughput options
    • From single tube to 130 litre capacity

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  • Planetary Centrifugal Mills

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    • Single tank or multi containers
    • High speed and high throughput options
    • From 30ml to 2000 litre capacity

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  • Consumables

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    • Milling jars: Stainless steel, tungsten carbide, corundum, nylon, plastic
    • Milling balls
    • V-shaped and standard mixing containers

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  • Associated Equipment

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    • Non-agitator bead mill
    • Particle granulators
    • Liquid phase reactor
    • Powder dispensers

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