Single Crystal Substrates

The essential building blocks for next-generation devices
PI-KEM: Supply single crystal substrates including Metals, Oxides, Titanates, Niobates, Gallates, Aluminates, Doped Crystals & Bi-crystals. As cut, custom & doped

Single crystal substrates are fundamental materials for semiconductor and electronic devices due to their unique physical and electrical properties.

These include:

  • Monocrystalline structure: Give uniform crystal orientation with no grain boundaries
  • High electron mobility: Allows faster signal processing and device operation
  • High mechanical strength: Less likely to deform or fracture
  • Enhanced thermal conductivity: Dissipate heat efficiently
  • Optical Transparency: In materials including sapphire and silicon carbide making them suitable for use in optical devices and sensors  
  • Uniform doping characteristics

They serve as the foundation upon which electronic circuits are built, enabling the development of high-performance devices with enhanced capabilities.  Examples of applications are:

  • Integrated circuits
  • Power electronics
  • Optical devices
  • Sensors and detectors
  • High-frequency devices

PI-KEM, in partnership with Surfacenet and MTI Corporation and other suppliers, offer a wide range of single crystals and substrates, both standard and custom grown

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