Base Metal Wires

Strong, durable, and versatile
PI-KEM supplies high purity base metal & alloy wires made from metals including copper, aluminium, lead, tin brass & nickel. Finishes include annealed & half-hard.

Base metal wires are made from various metals including copper, aluminium, brass, and nickel. They are available as pure metal and alloys.

Base metal wires are versatile and can be used for a wide variety of applications that include:

  • Electroplating: Used to coat objects with a layer of metal
  • Heating elements: For example, in hotplates and furnaces
  • Conductors: Often used to connect electrical circuits or as heat sinks
  • Mechanical testing: To measure the strength and elasticity of materials
  • Thermocouples: Used to measure temperature within devices

PI-KEM supplies high-quality base metal wires that are manufactured to strict quality standards.

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