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Powering up research: Unlocking the potential of energy storage
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PI-KEM offer a comprehensive range of research materials, consumables, and equipment to help researchers develop new and improved batteries.  We have been partners with MTI Corporation for over 30 years and collaborate with our network of suppliers and customers to ensure we have the materials and equipment suitable for current energy development innovation.  

We work with small-scale laboratories up to pre-production organisations and can provide advice and guidance on the set-ups required, budget management and upscaling of existing resources.

Read our PI-KEM Insights article that discusses getting the most of your budget when setting up a battery research line.

See our equipment guide at the bottom of this page.

  • Battery Cell Cases & Consumables

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    PI-KEM offers a wide range of cases and consumables for battery and supercapacitor research. The product overview table shows our most requested lines; however, we welcome any enquiry for other specifications.  

    Our range includes:

    • Coin cells
    • Cylinder cells
    • Pouch cells
    • Split test cells

    Click here for the full MTI range.

  • Energy Research Equipment

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    PI-KEM provides an extensive choice of equipment for battery and supercapacitor research. This ranges from cost-effective manual and semi-automatic equipment, designed for use in benchtop research, through to automated and high throughput systems for large laboratory research and prototype testing.  

    The range includes:

    Coin Cell Production

    • Coin cell crimpers
    • Disc cutters
    • Split test cells
    • Testing boards
    • Consumables, chemicals, and materials

    Click here for the full MTI range

    Cylinder and Prismatic Battery Cell Production:

    • Electrode coaters
    • Stackers and winding machines
    • Cell sealers and crimpers
    • Analysers and testers
    • Consumables, chemicals, and materials
    • Electrolyte injector systems

    Click here for the full MTI range

    Pouch Cell Production:

    • Electrode coaters
    • Cutting, stacking, slitting, and winding machines
    • Tape casters
    • Roll to roll coaters
    • Rolling presses (Calendar machines)
    • Cup formers and electrolyte injectors
    • Vacuum sealing machines
    • Ultrasonic welding machines
    • De-gassing chambers
    • Battery pack assemblers
    • Consumables, chemicals, and materials
    • Safety testing, calibration and analysing equipment

    Click here for MTI pouch cell fabrication equipment and here for the MTI range of pouch cell fabrication consumables.

    The product overview tables show our most requested lines; however, we welcome any enquiry for other equipment.

    MTI can offer customisation of equipment to provide bespoke solutions for researchers and battery development engineers.

  • Pilot Line Set Up

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    PI-KEM and MTI can offer a pilot line set up service including testing of equipment. Training with MTI engineers can be organised at their site in US, at our customer's site or via a virtual platform as appropriate.

    The full range of MTI battery R & D equipment can be found  here

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  • Product Overview Tables

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    Battery Cell Cases and Consumables

    1. Coin Cells Coin/Button Cell Cases: CR2032, CR2025, CR2016, CR2450, CR1220, CR2325
    Wave Springs, Spacers, Belleville Washers
    Kapton Cells for X-Ray analysis
    Meshed Cells for Li-Air research
    Gold, Platinum & Aluminium Coated options
    2. Cylinder Cells Cylinder Cell Cases: 14500, CR123, 18650, 21700, 26650, 32650
    Tabs: Nickel & Aluminium in 3mm, 4mm & 8mm widths
    Stainless Steel & Aluminium Cases available
    3. Pouch Cells Aluminium Laminated Foils - Plane & Pre-formed Cases
    Tabs: Nickel & Aluminium in 3mm, 4mm & 8mm widths
    Custom Dies for cell forming
    Hot Melt Sealing Adhesives in 4mm, 5mm, 8mm and 30mm widths
    4. Split Test Cells Split Test Cells for Coin, Cylinder & Pouch Cells
    3-Electrode, Gold coated
    Quartz & Berylinum window options for Raman/X-Ray analysis
    8-Channel Cell for high throughput testing

    Lab-scale Equipment

    1. Electrode Coating Preparation Tape Casters (Doctor Blade) with Vacuum Chuck; Heated Bed or Cover Heater Options
    Roll-to-Roll Coaters
    Rolling Presses (Calendars)
    Dip Coaters
    2. Coin /Button Cell Preparation Pneumatic, Hydraulic or Electric Coin Cell Crimping/Disassembling Machines
    Dies to fit various cell sizes
    Disk Cutters
    3. Chemical Preparation / Analysis Tube & Vacuum Furnace
    Rotary & High Pressure Furnace
    Ball Mill & Mixer
    4. Battery Testing Systems 5V - 50V, 1mA - 30A Battery Analyser with 1-8 Channels & Laptop Controlled
    5. Sample Handling & Storage Glove Boxes & Vacuum Dry Ovens (1 to 4 chambers)
    H2O & O2 Purification Systems
    Vacuum Dry Ovens 25 - 360 Litres
    6. Pouch Cell Preparation Pouch Cell Case Forming
    Electrode Cutting / Slitting
    Cell Core Stacking or Winding
    Current Lead Welding
    Vacuum Heat Sealers
    7. Cylinder/Prismatic Cell Preparation Cylinder Grooving & Crimping
    Tab/Spot Welding
    Electrode Slitting
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