Silver-Coated Particles

Affordable conductivity without compromising quality
PI-KEM & PI-KEM Hart supply silver coated glass, ceramic, aluminium, ferrite, copper, nickel particles for conductive fillers, adhesives, coatings & EM shielding

PI-KEM and PI-KEM Hart silver-coated particles comprise specially chosen core materials plated with the precious metal to provide a lower cost and lower weight alternative to pure silver.

When compared with pure silver, the advantages are:

  • A lower absolute density
  • More cost-effective
  • Variety of morphologies
  • Range of substrates

These particles are increasingly being used in applications that require electrically conductive fillers, with consistent performance. Silver-coated particles are used by a variety of industries, including:

  • Ceramics
  • Electronics
  • Energy
  • Aerospace

Silver-coated particles are known for their high quality, reliability, and performance.  They are incorporated as fillers into end products such as adhesives, lacquers, coatings, lubricants, greases, and EMI shielding gaskets.

The PI-KEM and PI-KEM Hart range includes:

  • Silver-coated solid and hollow glass spheres
  • Silver-coated glass flakes, fibres and granules
  • Silver-coated aluminium, copper, nickel and ferrite particles
  • Silver-coated hollow ceramic spheres
  • Silver-coated silicon carbide
  • Silver-coated sub-10 micron particles

Each product has its own characteristics and applications.

Silver Coated Copper Particles, Silver Coated Glass Fibres & Silver Coated Hollow Ceramic

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