Virginia Semiconductor

Leading manufacturer specialising in the production of complex wafers and substrates in silicon and other materials, including their unique ULTRATHIN® Silicon.

About Us

Virginia Semiconductor is a fully integrated custom silicon wafer manufacturer serving customers across the world. Our silicon wafers are made from scratch making it easy to repeat specifications from batch to batch and quickly fix any issues that occur.

Virginia Semiconductor was the first Silicon Wafer manufacture to distribute it's Silicon Wafer's and Substrates on-line and the first Silicon Wafer manufacture to offer small quantity, complicated Silicon Wafers and Substrates in various configurations and orientations. Allowing Universities and R&D departments worldwide access to products never before available. As a technological leader, links from VSI's Technology Library have been published in text books for over a decade.

Virginia Semiconductor, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of prime silicon substrates. Production quantities of 1”-150mm diameter silicon, and small quantities of custom-silicon substrates are manufactured at Virginia Semiconductor. SOI substrates are the fastest growing Virginia Semiconductor product; Virginia Semiconductor, Inc. offers 100mm, 150mm, 25.4mm, 50.8mm, and 76.2mm diameter SOI manufactured by silicon wafer bonding. As always, Virginia Semiconductor can actually make any silicon wafer to any specification and continues to supply small, complicated orders to valued customers. Many Virginia Semiconductor customers require double-side-polished silicon wafers. Crystal growth, grinding, slicing, lapping, polishing, oxidation, and SOI are all in-house manufacturing activities being achieved at our Fredericksburg, Virginia facility.

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PI-KEM has been a distributor for VSI for over 10 years after purchasing Compart.

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