Navson Technologies

From critical laboratory applications to advanced production systems, Navson has the manufacturing technology and expertise to deliver accuracy, quality and reliability.

We at Navson are a dedicated and passionate team constantly innovating experimental research and striving to achieve open-innovation, precision and quality in every product that we develop. We specialise in designing and fabricating high precision scientific lab equipment, like spin coaters, dip coaters, magnetic hot plate stirrers required in research centers, labs and institutions throughout the world.

Navson Technologies is your support for research. We develop our products with every inch of detail addressing the quality, functionality and handling to provide the researchers a hassle-free experimental experience. The needs of researchers can be dynamic and so should be the systems they use. We make this possible at Navson with the concept of open-innovation where the industry and academia come together to discuss the pain points and requirements of the products.

The organization was realized in 2016 from the Plasmonics Lab, Manipal Institute of Technology in the year 2015 to initially help the researchers with higher quality of research products to achieve better results which was later started as a company in the year 2016 as Navson Technologies Private Limited.

Our motto is...

Research meets industry

We are on a mission to bridge the gap between the research environment and the industry and build a smooth path for the innovation cycle to serve the end users with maximum efficiency.

Unexplored challenges are taken up with a hope that someday the new equipment will replace the existing technology with much better benefits. With a vision to have an in-house R&D lab specially dedicated to engineering these marvels, we are sure of providing a significant contribution to the world.

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