Dip Coaters

Elevating material performance using advanced coating technology
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Dip coaters enable the application of a thin film of a material to both sides of a substrate by dipping the sample into a solution of the material and then withdrawing it. Dip coating is a versatile and widely used technique for applying thin films to a variety of substrates, including semiconductors, ceramics, and polymers.

Dip coaters provide precise control for applying thin films to substrates, for applications including:

  • Deposition of semiconductor thin films
  • Deposition of optical thin films
  • Deposition of protective coatings
  • Deposition of functional coatings

PI-KEM supplies dip coaters from MTI Corporation, Navson and Specialty Coating Systems (SCS) offering a range of equipment suitable for different budgets and applications.

  • SCS

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    • Excellent coating uniformity and thickness control
    • Dip depth controllable by sensor
    • Adjustable immersion and lift speeds, 1-24 inches/minute
    • Powered by compressed air cylinder for smooth, explosion-proof operation
    • Dwell time up to 180 seconds
    • Automatic/ programmable
    • Dip single or multiple items per cycle
    • Removable tank for easy coating change
    • Self-contained with exhaust extraction and optional hood
    • Accurate immersion control eliminates masking above dip line
    • Desktop and floor standing models

    Click here for the full SCS range of dip coaters

    To download the product brochure click here

  • Navson

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    • Excellent performance and value for money
    • Variable accuracy
    • Dipping/ Pulling speed: 0.01 – 50 mm/s
    • Travel Distance: 0-150mm
    • Dwell time up to 100 seconds
    • Cycle time: 100 times max
    • Manual, automatic/ programmable or wireless controlled
    • Desktop

    Click here for the full Navson range of dip coaters

  • MTI

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    • Variable accuracy up to +/- 0.05%
    • Dipping/ Pulling speed: 1-9999 mm/min
    • Travel Distance: 0-270mm
    • Dwell time up to 999 seconds
    • Cycle time: 20 times max
    • Vacuum/ non-vacuum
    • Manual and automatic/ programmable
    • Film thickness 5nm to 100 microns
    • Max sample size: 310mm(L) x 260mm(W) x 15mm(T)
    • Maximum sample weight: 250g
    • SILAR (successive ion layer adsorption and reaction) coating model with 6 dipping positions and up to 18 samples
    • Available with optional drying chambers, heater, and auto stirrer
    • Desktop

    Click here for the full MTI range of dip coaters

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