Ovens, Hot Plates & Environmental Controlled Storage

Precise controlled environments; Predictable results
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Ovens, hot plates, and environmental storage are essential tools for material research. They are used to synthesise, analyse, and preserve materials under controlled conditions; This is crucial for studying a material’s properties and behaviour or for thermally changing the properties of a material.

Ovens operate at high temperatures. They are used as a heating device to prepare materials for a process, to study their response to heat or to combine materials together for example by sintering.

Hot Plates operate at more moderate temperatures and often used for heat treatment of materials to alter their properties. For example, annealing which can improve a material’s strength and ductility.

Environmental Controlled Storage including desiccators and humidity and low temperature chambers, are important for preserving materials and preventing them from degrading. The type of storage that is used depends on the material's properties and the expected storage time.

PI-KEM distributes hotplates on behalf of Navson and MTI and both ovens and environmental controlled chambers on behalf of MTI. We also can offer further options from alternative suppliers if other specifications are required.

  • Vacuum Ovens

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    • Up to 360 litre capacity
    • Up to 900°C
    • Benchtop and floor standing
    • One, two or three chambers
    • Flow meter, water chiller and vacuum pump available as add-ons

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  • Heating/ Hot Plates

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    • Plates material:  Ceramic, stainless steel
    • Up to 500°C
    • Plate size up to 500mm x 400mm
    • Automatic stirring options
    • Vacuum chuck options – customisable to substrate size and thickness
    • Atmosphere controlled available

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    Other supplier options available

  • Dessicator/ Dryer (Non-heated Vacuum Storage Box)

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    • Up to 53 litre stainless steel chamber
    • Altitude simulation testers available to use as storage up to 215 litre
    • Glove boxes can be used as an alternative
    • Vacuum sealers available for packaging of individual samples

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