Spin Coaters & Chucks

Precise coatings, predictable results
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Spin coating is a well-established technique that enables uniform deposition of thin films to be deposited precisely onto a wide range of substrates. With substrates supported on a chuck, they utilise centrifugal force, generated by the high-speed rotation of the substrate, to spread a dispensed liquid coating material into a thin, even layer. This ability to create precise and reproducible films at the nanoscale makes it an invaluable tool for researchers and engineers across various disciplines.

Spin coating is used in a wide number of sectors, including:

  • Microelectronics: Coating circuit boards, transistors, and other electronic components with functional materials
  • Photonics: Fabricating optical lenses, filters, and waveguides for light manipulation
  • Biotechnology: Creating biosensors, microfluidic devices, and drug delivery systems
  • Materials Science: Studying the properties of thin films and nanostructures

Benefits include:

  • Exceptional Uniformity: Spin coating produces highly even and reproducible film thicknesses across the substrate surface, crucial for many applications
  • Precise Control: Film thickness can be accurately tailored by adjusting the spinning speed, time, and solution properties
  • Thin-Film Capability: Spin coating allows the depositing of ultra-thin films, down to a few nanometres, which is hard to achieve using other methods
  • Material Versatility: A wide range of materials, from polymers and metals to semiconductors and biomolecules, can be deposited using spin coating

PI-KEM supplies spin coaters on behalf of MTI Corporation, Navson, and Specialty Coating Systems (SCS) offering a range of equipment suitable for different budgets and applications. We also offer a full range of chucks for all of these models, engineered in a variety of materials to suit the coatings being dispensed and sizes & designs to suit the substrates being coated.

Spin coater model selection is dependent on your specific needs and budget. Factors to consider are:

  • Substrate size and type
  • Desired film thickness and uniformity
  • Required spin speeds and processing time
  • Need for automation or advanced features
  • Budget constraints
  • Frequency of use

Contact our Energy Research and Material Processing Team, who are available to advise on the best model of spin coater and chuck design for your application.

  • Spincoater Options

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    • Up to 15" bowl
    • Teflon coated bowls
    • Speed up to 10,000 rpm
    • Automatic or manual dispensing
    • Single step or multi-step programmable
    • Vacuum or non-vacuum supported chucks
    • Glovebox options
    • Remote control options
    • Purge function can be disabled
    • Pumps and compressor available, click here for dedicated page
  • Chuck Options

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    • Circular, rectangular or square
    • With or without vacuum
    • Grooved or non-grooved
    • Pins, fingers, recessed options for additional support
    • Porous
    • Stainless steel, aluminium, delrin with or without O-rings
    • Off-stock and custom designs available

    Our Energy Research and Material Processing Team will guide you through your chuck selection. Our Managing Director, Colin Rouse has written an Insight article about chuck selection, click here to read.

  • MTI

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    MTI offers a range of affordable spin coaters for laboratory research.

    VTC range

    • Accommodates up to 8" wafers
    • Maximum spin speed of 12500rpm
    • Optional heating cover, UV curer and solution dispenser

    MTI also offer spin-spray coaters and spin-mist coaters

    Click here to read more

  • Navson

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    Navson offer the NT12000 and the NTCR8.


    • Maximum speed of 12 000rpm
    • Max 10 step programme
    • Program duration of 1000 seconds
    • Programme storage either on device or via pen drive
    • Up to 4" diameter wafers
    • Optional IR heating module and UV curer
    • Glove box options
    • Includes standard chuck for microscope slide and 2" wafer
    • Touch screen
    • Metal casing

    Click here to read more


    • Maximum speed of 12 000rpm
    • Max 10 step programme
    • Program duration of 1000 seconds per step
    • Programme storage on device
    • Up to 9" diameter wafers
    • Polypropylene casing and chuck
    • Touch screen
    • Safety interlock

    Click here to read more

  • SCS

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    SCS offer two ranges of spin coaters for both research and QC applications.

    6800 Series

    • Programmable and non-programmable
    • Max wafer diameter of 6" non-programmable and 10" programmable
    • Touch screen
    • Up to 9 999rpm
    • Requires external vacuum pump and compressor
    • Optional foot pedal
    • Programmable model can store and execute 3 recipes with 8 steps
    • Non-programmable single recipe of 4 steps
    • Chemically resistant Teflon coated bowl
    • Interlocking lid
    • Precise repeatability from cycle to cycle

    Click here to read more

    G3 Series

    • Programmable
    • Max wafer diameter of 13" (15" bowl)
    • Touch screen
    • Up to 9 999rpm
    • Requires external vacuum pump and compressor
    • Stores and executes up to 30 programs, with up to 20 steps each (unlimited with optional software)
    • Precise repeatability from cycle to cycle
    • Encoder allows vacuum chuck to be stopped at a Home position
    • Chemically resistant Teflon coated bowl with integral drain
    • Hinged, interlocking cover
    • Safety glass window
    • Manual or auto dispense options
    • Optional foot pedal, Bluetooth communication, PC interface, fume exhaust

    Click here to read more

    Multi-dispense System

    The SCS Multi-Dispense enables you to dispense liquid materials to an SCS Spin Coater from up to four different dispense modules (three with the use of N2)

    Click here to read more

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