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Global leader in protective, thin-film coatings. Providing a range of equipment for spin coating, dip coating and PCB contamination testing suited for research and production.

About Us

With over 50 years of experience and locations around the world, Specialty Coating Systems is the global leader conformal coating technologies. This extensive coating and application experience is leveraged on each and every customer project, including the industry-leading systems that SCS designs and manufactures. From conformal coating, dispensing and cure systems to ionic contamination test systems, SCS equipment is used in environments that range from university and research labs to high-volume production facilities. SCS’ proactive approach to production and quality requirements—testing, validating, documenting and processing—enables customers and their advanced technologies to meet the most challenging industry specifications and quality requirements.

  • SCS spin coaters: Provide universities and laboratories around the globe with ideal technology for spin coating applications. Combining precise control with flexibility, they’re perfect for a range of applications.
  • SCS dip coating systems: Offer a controlled immersion process for applying thicker coatings, suitable for a wider range of materials and often used for conformal coating of complex geometries and components with intricate features.
  • SCS Ionograph® systems: SCS Ionic Contamination Test Systems set the standard of quality for the industry. Designed for fast and accurate ionic contamination cleanliness testing, the systems provide a precise, repeatable and rapid method for determining cleanliness and deliver immediate process control results, eliminating the need for outside laboratory testing.

SCS's commitment to innovation and quality has made them a trusted partner for leading electronics manufacturers worldwide. Their expertise in spin coating, dip coating, and ionic contamination testing ensures that electronic devices are protected, reliable, and perform at their best.

PI-KEM has been their UK and European Distributor for both Spin and Dip Coaters for over 20 years, and Ionographs for over 10 years. We have in-house SCS trained staff who can provide pre-testing and calibration, repairs, servicing, consumables and chuck design for SCS equipment.

"PI-KEM has been an outstanding distributor for SCS for many years. They have a great understanding of the SCS products lines they offer and do an excellent job educating customers about SCS Spin Coating Systems and SCS Ionic Contamination Systems. PI-KEM’s strong communication skills and dedication to their customers have been key in building a great relationship with SCS."

Jason Teal

Specialty Coating Systems

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