Evaporative Coating Materials

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PI-KEM offers high purity evaporation, batch controlled metals, alloys & ceramics for PVD. Available as granules, powders, pellets, foils, grain & starter sources

High purity evaporation materials have a significant role in the deposition process to ensure the productions of a high-quality deposited film. They serve as one of the primary sources of electron-beam evaporation and thin film formation.

Evaporation is a form of physical vapor deposition (PVD) and is the process of heating a substance to a high vapour pressure, collecting this on to a substrate, which results in the formation of a desired thickness of a thin film. The procedure for heating is typically accomplished via resistive heating or via E-beam (electron beam).

Using the appropriate form of material ensures a reduction in splashing or ‘spitting’ and ensures it vaporises at a specified rate. This reduces the potential for pinholes and contamination by impurities.

PI-KEM offers high purity evaporation materials in a range of formats.  Our capabilities include custom sizes and compositions along with a variety of forms and purities.  

Applications include:

  • Thin film research
  • Thermal evaporation
  • Electron microscopy

The materials and purities section show our most requested lines; however, we welcome any enquiry for other specifications such as alloys, oxides, fluorides, sulphides, silicides, carbides, nitrides.

We are proud to partner with LTS Research Laboratories, specialists in the manufacture of high-quality evaporative materials.

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