Optical Coatings

Thin films with a big impact
PI-KEM supply high-purity optical coatings including fluorides, selenides, perovskites, TCOs, semiconductors, halides, rare earths, hafnium metal & compounds

Optical coatings are thin films applied to the surface of optical components, such as lenses and mirrors, to enhance their performance by controlling the reflection, transmission, and absorption of light.

Optical coatings can be used to:

  • Increase the transmission of light through an optical component
  • Decrease the reflection of light from an optical component
  • Change the colour of light
  • Filter out unwanted wavelengths of light
  • Protect the surface of an optical component from damage

Optical coatings are an essential part of optical systems, and they play a vital role in ensuring that these systems perform to their full potential.

PI-KEM offer a wide range of optical coatings and are long-standing partners with LTS Research Laboratories, manufacturers of ultra-high purity and high performance materials for optics and fibreoptics. Working with LTS we can offer standard items and novel materials produced to our customers formulation.  LTS will provide technical support and advice about composition, manufacturing methods and any potential issues that may arise.

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